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Smiling can be tough when a person has damaged teeth—and even more challenging with missing teeth. Dr. Schwartz’s patients smile with confidence through dental crowns and bridges, though.

Before deciding whether to get dental crowns and bridges, however, it’s important to understand what these dental fixtures are and what they can do for your oral care and confidence.

The office recommends consulting with Dr. Schwartz first before undertaking any of these dental procedures.

What is a dental crown?

Otherwise known as a “dental cap,” a dental crown conceals a tooth that is damaged. It can also be used to fix an area with extensive decay that threatens to destroy the entire tooth.

Decayed, cracked, or broken teeth can be covered and restored through dental crowns successfully. For missing teeth, Dr. Schwartz attaches a crown to a dental implant—a process called fitting an implant crown.

What is a dental bridge?

When trying to restore one or more teeth, a dental bridge is best. By attaching it to a crown, a dental bridge can fill gaps and replace missing teeth to restore that pearly white smile.

The materials used for dental bridges typically consist of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.

Dental crowns and bridges provide not only boosted self-esteem but also:

  • assistance in chewing food
  • reduction of bone loss from the jaw
  • intact facial structures
  • improved oral hygiene

Why Choose Dr. Schwartz for Dental Crowns & Bridges?

Dr. Marc Schwartz, DDS, and his team “treat patients as they want to be treated.” With decades of experience and great teamwork, Dr. Schwartz and his team ensure excellent dental care in every facet of the service.

The office treats every patient with the utmost care, with professional advice that restores their smiles and boosts their confidence through dental crowns and bridges.

Procedures for Dental Crowns & Bridges

A typical crown or bridge procedure requires two office visits. For the first visit, patients are measured for an accurate mold to ensure the dental crown will fit.

Dr. Schwartz can place a temporary crown or bridge to protect the prepared tooth or teeth while waiting for the permanent repair. The final crown is put in place on the second visit.

Boost Confidence with Dr. Marc Schwartz

With the help of Dr. Schwartz and his experienced staff, patients can revive their smiles, regain the ability to eat properly, and savor every bite through dental crowns and bridges. Why not give the dental clinic a call today?

With a convenient, centrally-located office, patients can expect to be greeted warmly, seen on time, and offered the latest treatment options.


Our patients benefit from our years of experience and our commitment to provide the very latest treatment options. Whether our patients are seeking preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry options, we are here to ensure healthy and happy smiles.

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