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For years, Dr. Marc Schwartz has been performing dental implant restorations on patients across Denver, CO. The dental implants have a high success rate and can restore teeth that have been lost due to gum disease, jaw bone infections, or injury.

Our restorative dentist is licensed to perform various implant repairs so that you can regain a comfortable and confident smile. Choose from dental bridges, dentures, partials, and custom crowns, for example.

When to Use Dental Implants

Dr. Schwartz and his amazing dental team might recommend dental implants where a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row are missing. In the case of a single missing tooth, one dental implant is performed, followed by a single crown.

To restore several missing teeth, your dentist will use an implant-retained bridge. It resembles the traditional bridge but has two dental implants.

A dental implant is a fantastic option for restoring your smile, as it’s customized to function and feel like your natural teeth. With a bit of care, it can serve you for a lifetime.

Call us to schedule an appointment if you have one or more missing teeth.

Dental Implant Restoration Procedure

Once your dentist examines your jaw, they will prepare the area and undertake dental implant restoration to recreate healthy tooth structures.

Here are the steps for dental implants: 

  • Dental implant posts replace missing or lost teeth. It can be crafted from various materials, such as titanium or zirconia. Posts are surgically inserted into the gums, and the dentist will make a small incision on the soft tissue before inserting the implant below the gum line. Once in place, the post fuses with your gums and underlying bone tissue as support.


  • Abutment posts attach the implant post to the replacement teeth. When positioned, a protective cap is placed over it, allowing the site to heal.


  • Replacement teeth attach to the abutment post. The dentist will capture an impression and use it to design your replacement teeth or tooth. The mold is then sent to a dental lab where the custom restoration is done. When we receive the crafted restoration, we’ll fix it permanently on the abutment posts.

Your implant restoration can be a dental bridge, partial denture, or crown, depending on which teeth are missing.

Each restoration is tailored to fit your smile in a beautiful, comfortable way. Our dentist will also ensure that your implant restorations match your teeth in feel and color.

How Much Do Dental Implant Restorations Cost?

It depends on the number and location of missing teeth and your personal preferences.

Dr. Schwartz will assess your teeth and determine the type of restoration you’ll undergo and any preliminary work that’s required. When you schedule an appointment, you will receive a personalized quote for the entire procedure.

The cost will be lower than that of new implants, and its benefits may last a lifetime.

Get Your Smile Back

Do you have missing teeth? Call (303) 698-0476 or book an appointment online with our professional dentistry office.

When you visit, Dr. Marc Schwartz will examine your implants to see what teeth are affected before embarking on any dental implant restorations.

Dental Implants - It's Time To Get Your Smile Back!

  • The price of dental implants restorations can vary greatly, just give us a call to learn more
  • The dental implant restoration procedure is simple and has a very high success rate
  • Dental insurance can make the costs of dental implants much more affordable, especially for full mouth procedures
  • Dr. Schwartz is a local, top rated implant dentist, he will explain all of your options in detail during the initial exam
  • If you are having problems with your current dental implants, we can help fix or replace them
  • We are one of the best dental implant restoration offices in the area based on Google reviews

With a convenient, centrally-located office, patients can expect to be greeted warmly, seen on time, and offered the latest treatment options.


Our patients benefit from our years of experience and our commitment to provide the very latest treatment options. Whether our patients are seeking preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry options, we are here to ensure healthy and happy smiles.

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